How I feel connected to other Black people.

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Because I am Black, I always know who’s around me and, more importantly, the colour of their skin.

Some of us haven’t ‘figured out’ this racism thing yet.

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A family Christmas game exposes ignorance towards derogatory images

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Afrobeats music is sweeping the world. Get in on the act.

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What is Afrobeats?

1. Iskaba by Wanda Coal.

2. Bolanle by IVD and Zlatan.

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Depression (and anxiety) hit her. Like a sniper’s bullet right between the eyes. She didn’t stand a chance.

We acknowledge its existence, so why the surprise?

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“To be surprised at a racist incident is like being surprised at seeing the sunrise at dawn.”

The most sickening article I’ve written.

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Most people have an aversion to snakes, spiders and Tom Cruise movies. Society accepts them as ‘normal’.

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“Learning the alphabet can help you write words.”

1: Learn The Alphabet.

And that's exactly how it should be.

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Photo from Pixabay

A personal journey

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“It wasn’t pretty. Horrible actually. Like seeing someone swimming in the same pool as you without the verruca sock, they desperately need”.

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